Industry Tampere is a platform for the new technology and innovation, focusing on industry digitalization. It’s targeting to match needs, ideas and know-how together at the early phase. It helps companies find each other. The end goal is to create new business possibilities for all.

We want to see new partnerships, experiments, pilots, products and services happen, and our society flourish.

The service is operated by Business Tampere.

Big company / Public organization

Want to find innovation partners or solution to your problem, big or small?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit your need – narrow or wide – to our system. Remember to be clear about your expectations and possibilities on taking things further.
  2. Your call will be published in the platform and sent to all the subscribers
  3. You will receive the suggestions via our platform
  4. Preview the submission at your own pace. You can add a deadline to your call and thus improve the process within your company as well.
  5. Select the one you want to start collaborating with on a pilot, PoC, customer case, or however you want.
  6. Solve your problems, grow, get more customers, and more satisfied customers.


Tech / service / innovation SME

  • Want new customers?
  • Want to expand to new market? Want a partnership in developing your product or service further?
  • Want visibility?

Order the latest calls and when a proper one hits you, submit your idea through our service. We want the first step to be easy and help you with connecting to new customers or partners.

Want to publish your open call?

Contact us:

Lylynoja Ari